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Leucadia is designed to enable businesses within the automotive and transportation sectors, or those that require large fleets of vehicles, to insource their key duplication needs. On average, cutting and programming keys inhouse cuts the cost of each key in half, compared to the cost of a key provided by a locksmith.*

leucadia solutions key duplication. Keys made easy

Our entire system is designed to make cutting and programming your own keys easy every step of the way, even for someone who’s never done it before. Our online ordering system allows you to search by year, make and model, taking the guesswork out of ordering keys and remotes. Every key cutting machine and programming tool we offer was hand selected to ensure a user-friendly interface that walks you through each process step by step, minimizing the likelihood of human error.

With Leucadia, your team will be able to easily cut their own keys in minutes, saving you time and money. This means you can keep your money where it belongs: within your business instead of someone else’s.

Download the ROI sheet to learn more about how Leucadia can boost your bottom line.


We’re willing to bet that every single customer coming into your dealership expects to receive two keys when they purchase a vehicle, yet the majority of pre-owned vehicles arrive at the lot with only one. So what do you do in this scenario? You call the locksmith, wait around for him to fit you into his schedule, and hand over your money to him when he arrives. The worst part is that every dollar you’re handing over is a sunk cost with no return on your investment.

With Leucadia, the next time you need a key duplicated, one of your team members will be able to cut and program the key quickly and easily for a fraction of what you’d pay the locksmith for it.


Whatever your business may be, if it requires a fleet of vehicles, it requires a fleet of keys to keep track of (and a fleet of drivers who lose them). With Leucadia, you’ll never be without a vehicle you need because of a lost key. Anytime a key is lost, a member of your team can duplicate the backup key in minutes and hand it right over to the driver. Even better, every key duplicated in-house costs a fraction of what you would pay a third party for it.

If you manage a university, municipal, or privately-owned fleet, Leucadia Solutions offers the ideal services to help you save money and avoid frustrating disruptions. Say goodbye to overpriced replacement keys from the OEM and take control of your fleet's security by replacing and duplicating your own keys and remotes in-house.