Cut and program your keys in-house

Stop sinking costs by outsourcing key cutting services. With Leucadia Solutions you can cut and program automotive keys in-house, keeping your money within your business.

Our key cutting program covers up to
275 million vehicles in North America

Our key cutting program covers up to

275 million vehicles in North America

It's time to cut expenses and take control of your budget!

Unlock significant savings and regain control of your budget with Leucadia Solutions.

We offer everything you need to cut and program your own keys and remotes in-house, reducing your spend by up to 50%.

By obtaining the keys, equipment, and training, you’ll put an end to overpaying for keys.

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Cut and program keys in

Saving time and money!

Keep the service inside
your business

Keeping your money there too.

Keeping your money
there too

Never lose a sale or disappoint a customer because you don’t have the right key when you need it

The Leucadia Solutions
program at a glance


Get the equipment

Gymkana key cutting machine – Easy to use: majority of vehicle keys can be cut with 1 cutter, 1 tracer and 1 clamp. User-friendly, intuitive programming tools.


Get the keys

A comprehensive line of keys and remotes available on our online portal and shipped directly to you whenever you need.


Get the training

With our video training library and unmatched technical support straight from the experts at Keyline USA, Leucadia makes it easy to stop outsourcing your key duplication needs.

Flexing financing options with Envision Capital.

Minimize your upfront costs

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Minimize your upfront costs

What our clients are saying


“Leucadia’s equipment is super easy to use, especially with all of the training videos. Tech support has always been responsive and helpful too, which is huge for us.”

Will Reynolds
Second Gear Motors


“We cut A LOT of keys and this has made it so much cheaper to do. Plus it’s a lot easier and faster to do it ourselves. I wish I would’ve known about this sooner.”

Ethan Foster
Paramount Vehicles

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